It has come from an Evangelical Christian work 
originally known as the Glasgow Medical Mission.
A small group of directors looked after the resources which existed  from that work i.e. the premises. They were used by Christian groups such as the church which came out of the Medical Mission Fellowship.

Other groupsstill use the premises include the John Ross Memorial church for the deaf.
The Scottish Christian Men's Ministry has monthly breakfast meetings there.
In the past other ministires were here incuding the original Medical Mission
In 2013 GMMS dissolved and gifted the premises to Destiny Church who now use the prtemises for their social outreach work

It was a Christian Work supporting efforts which reach out to tell others about the exciting life and peace and hope that can be found in knowing God's Son, Jesus, as Saviour.
It was organised as a charitable company known as GMMS. It was originally the Glasgow Medical Missionary Society because it originally began as a Christian Medical Mission.
It is now run as Destiny Angels.
see Destiny's web site for details

What is the  Gorbals Christian Centre?
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